Flock 第一個公開測試版

六月 14th, 2006 at 1:14 下午 (flock, software, 心得)

Introducing Flock Beta 1

What problems are we trying to solve?

The web, and the way people engage online, has evolved dramatically over the past decade. We still see a lot of room for the browser to keep pace with everything that’s going on on the web. Providing a fast, safe and simple browsing experience is very important, but at Flock we are also trying to look more broadly at how the web browser can enrich users’ online experience.

簡譯:過去幾年中 Web 及世人在網路上做事的方法有相當大的改變,瀏覽器要跟上這些改變還有不少可以努力的地方。讓使用者有快速、安全、簡單的瀏覽體驗很重要,但 Flock 還試圖給使用者更豐富的感受。

For this release, and for at least the next year or so, we are primarily focused on supporting the social dimension of the web, and on bringing information closer to the user. Right now this includes a heavy emphasis on the photo experience (from upload through discovery to notification), RSS support, dramatic improvements to the search box (including a new take on favorites), and blogging.

簡譯:今後我們將致力於支援各種社交網站服務,讓資訊唾手可得。目前的版本著眼於相片 (自上傳、瀏覽到提示新照片無一不包)、RSS 支援、嶄新搜尋欄、新的「我的最愛」觀念及網誌撰寫。

In each of these areas, our goal is to offer an integrated experience that’s easy to use and that leverages modern web standards. We are trying to build a web browser for the tens of millions of users for whom social engagement (sharing pictures, talking to existing friends and discovering new ones) is what they enjoy doing online. That includes people on MySpace, LiveJournal, FaceBook and YouTube, for example. If you are a power user (hint: if you use del.icio.us or a news reader or if you visit Digg, that probably means you) and if you have decorated your browser with, oh, say, 20 extensions or more, Flock may not be for you. We like these services as much as you do, and we share the basic values of transparency and control that are an essential component of the participatory web. We are trying to bring these services to mere mortals.

簡譯:在上述每個領域中,我們都想提供整合的體驗、易於使用並利用當代的網站標準。我們想為數百萬以線上社交活動 (分享照片、與舊友聊天並結交新朋友) 為樂的人 (例如 MySpace、LiveJournal、FaceBook及 YouTube 的使用者) 量身訂做一個瀏覽器。如果你是個 Power user (如果你使用 del.icio.us、以 RSS Reader 閱讀各項 RSS 訊息或逛 Digg 網站,那這就是指你),或者愛為瀏覽器加裝許多套件,Flock 也許不適合你。

我之所以重視 Flock,除了因為它是 Firefox 的延伸產品外,還因為它有跟 Firefox 不太一樣的哲學:Flock 的目標是「Social Browser」。如果你使用 Flickr 並且有自己的網誌,真的很推薦你試試看 Flock。

(我現在是兩邊都用,兩邊都蠻習慣的;如果有人做出 Photo uploader for Firefox 且也可以拖曳到 text area 就自動上傳/貼上原始碼,就應該還是會黏在 Firefox 上吧 😛 )

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1 則迴響

  1. Toomore said,

    其實我也覺得 Flock 設計的不錯
    和 Flickr 搭配的很好
    這是我第一個看到利用 Firefox 做運用的瀏覽器 ^^



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