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六月 14th, 2006 at 5:17 下午 (google, 所見所聞)

Take a look at the photos that our tester wants to share: Try flipping through photos using the arrow keys (we pre-fetch photos so they load quickly). Zoom in and out to check out details or see the whole photo. Or maximize them on a large monitor. We focused on the photos, not ads or archiving, because we know how important your photos are to you especially when you want to share them. Of course, there’s a lot we want to add and improve — which is why for the moment, we’re only testing this feature by invitation. If you’re interested in making your own Picasa Web Albums (and helping us make it better), give us your Gmail address here. We’ll be sending out invitations first come, first served.

簡譯:Picasa Web Album 可以按左右鍵瀏覽相片,也可以縮放檢視、自動播放。目前想加進去的功能還很多,所以只開放 Gmail 使用者申請試用。

Official Google Blog: It’s all about the photos

感覺上除了 Slide show 之外好像也沒有什麼新鮮事… 但:

And actually, it’s not just about web uploading — there’s also downloading.

簡譯:實際上不只可以上傳到 Web 上,還可以從 Web 下載到 Picasa 裡

還不壞 😉

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