PhotoSynth 是唬爛王?

八月 3rd, 2006 at 10:31 上午 (software)

昨天提到 PhotoSynth,有人做了更深入的探討:

Well, in the paper they mentioned their test machine to be a 3.4 GHz computer. And that the Notre Dame photoset took two week to process, and that 597 of the 2635 images were actually placed; the others maybe had too much other stuff on them, or didn’t match properly.

簡譯:文件中提到巴黎聖母院的例子是用 3.4 GHz 電腦跑了兩個禮拜而成,2635 張照片中實際放進了 597 張

This yields the impression that for this to work you need

  1. lots of CPU time
  2. lots of well-suited images (clean projection, not too many moving people onit etc.)
  3. no gaps in between pictures, but a complete covering

簡譯:所以要做到範例中那個樣子,你得有取之不盡的系統資源以及大量良好的照片 (不要有太多人擋鏡頭、焦點要清楚那些的),各照片還要能完整覆蓋物品的每一塊角落不能有空隙。

I don’t want to talk down the scientific work done here, but the Microsoft annoucement makes it sound (well, just look at who theyimply in the video that their users are) like it would be a product for everyone to use within a year. It won’t. Thats why I call it vapourware.

It’s good research, but not a realistic product.

簡譯:MS 的口氣聽起來像是這軟體在未來一年內就能面世讓大家使用,但那是不可能的,所以我說他唬爛。


原文有提到 PhotoSynth 的合作單位華盛頓大學的 Demo,可以看看。BTW, 我還是比較想那個「依照片找尋網路資料」的東西…

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  1. 小小研究員的學習之路 » [2006/08/04] 網路書籤 said,

    […] 柏強的城市探險記 » PhotoSynth 是唬爛王? 08/03 20:54, 2006 引述 :『簡譯:文件中提到巴黎聖母院的例子是用 3.4 GHz 電腦跑了兩個禮拜而成,2635 張照片中實際放進了 597 張。所以要做到範例中那個樣子,你得有取之不盡的系統資源以及大量良好的照片 (不要有太多人擋鏡頭、焦點要清楚那些的),各照片還要能完整覆蓋物品的每一塊角落不能有空隙。』 (標籤: web2.0 photosynth microsoft 微軟) […]


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