Google Instant Intranet

九月 6th, 2006 at 10:03 下午 (google, 所見所聞)

google start page for dell

I think Google sees Personalized Start Page for Enterprise as a kind of ‘instant Intranet’ option for small-medium businesses. While the example above is from Dell, it’s unlikely a big corporation would ditch their (often hugely expensive) custom-made Intranet. It could also be used a customer-facing website, which the Dell example seems to be. But I don’t think that’s all that appealing from a branding point of view.

簡譯:我想 Google 是把 Personalized Start Page for Enterprise (企業自訂首頁) 視為中小企業「即用 Intranet」的選擇之一。

Google Instant Intranet

我想這就是一個我比別人淺太多的証明:這新聞早就知道,也知道可以這麼用,但沒有跟過去 「Intranet」的想法連接起來,就輸掉一個兩相比較的機會。

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