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十月 12th, 2006 at 5:29 上午 (google)

應該很多人知道了:Google 把 writely 跟 spreadsheets 合併,拼出了 Google Docs & Spreadsheets

A combined list of documents and spreadsheets

這下又朝 Google Web Office 邁進了一大步,值得注意的幾點有:

  • Docs – Save as PDF:之前就有的功能,但被 Google 收購改版後還是出現,我想代表真的會完全免費了!
  • Chat 功能支援中文了!
  • Docs 的 Collaborate 似乎還不支援存取 Gmail Contacts?

到底什麼時候會出現 Publish to Google Pages (as HTML、as DOC/XLS、as PDF) 及 Edit doc/html/xls from Google Pages?非常期待!

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  1. » Google Docs, Reader, and Code Search - Possibility And Probability said,

    […] Everyone is talking about the Google office apps that were announced today. And while they are cool, I’m really kinda surprised that the new redesign of the Google Reader has gotten so little press. […]



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